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Matanzas present at handicrafts event in Mexico.


Original, a Mexican textile art event that brings together more than a thousand artisan artists from 32 entities of the Aztec country, is taking place these days and Matanzas is represented by Mariela Alemán Orozco, textile designer and artisan member of the Cuban Association of Artisan Artists of our province.

This was announced by the organization in their social networks, where they commented that «Cuba has only two participants, an honor for us that one is from our association. We are sure that besides being an encouragement it is a merit for Mariela. Congratulations, artists.»

VIDEO ( Taken from Original’s Facebook page.

In the event, which will run until November 19th, Cuba is part of the International Salon where creators from ten countries exhibit their works, who together with Mexican exhibitors share sales and exhibition spaces, catwalks and theoretical meetings.

Mariela Aleman Orozco, who brings to Mexico the textile art of Cuba, is an artist with several awards and recognitions that endorse her creative work as a designer, including the Popularity Award of the XI Provincial Utility Crafts Salon ACAA 2010; also, in the Pure Art Passion for Crafts Event and mentions in salons of the ACAA and with the collections of costumes Sun, sand and sea and Harvesting colors in the FIART 2010 and 2011 editions, respectively.

Photos taken from the Facebook page of the ACAA Matanzas.

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