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Announce new date for Cuban telenovela, will it be the definitive one?

Gloria Machado León 14 abril, 2017

Several dates have accompanied the information related to the release to the air of the Cuban telenovela. Initially Tiempos de amar, the proposal announced under the direction of Ernesto Fiallo, would be transmitted from November 2016, but did not materialize due to missing details in the presentation.


Confessions of a recent graduate

Gloria Machado León 26 septiembre, 2014

Nobody knows how the first day is going to be. We all imagine or try to figure out a happy encounter, or rather a happy beginning. With a first image is not sufficient to unravel the secrets of the new world to which you belong now. No longer the passive student, although I’ve never been in that group as they used to tell me.


Summer and alcohol, a mixture that does not bind

Gloria Machado León 23 julio, 2014

Always with the arrival of summer air is renewed in cities and an intense state of fun falls on them. With this we forget the stress we have felt for almost ten months caused by school or work, to embark on what we can describe as a lightning campaign to recreation. These companies both personal and collective aim, in large cases to fully enjoy a stay in a camping, visit or trip to the beach. However, although there is nothing wrong with healthy recreation we must act prudently in each case and avoid giving way to foolishness.

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