After eleven years Meliá Las Américas returns to success.

Eleven years after the last time, the Meliá Las Américas hotel is once again crowned Vanguardia nacional , the highest category of emulation aimed at rewarding the best economic and trade union management, a condition only exhibited this year by 30 entities of the Ministry of Tourism in the country.

Awarded by the Cuba Trade Workers Union , the facility managed by the Cubanacán and international Meliá chains has its main flag in customer satisfaction, said Zahily Alzola, deputy director for customer service.

«When there are so many hotels and tourist destinations, getting them to prefer us is a challenge,» she said. «If people come back, it is because we have planted a seed of satisfaction and emotions in them,» Alzola told Telebandera.

Nearing three decades since its inauguration, the excellent services define the behaviour of this tourist product, as evidenced by the 40 percent of its repetition rate, guests who, after enjoying its benefits, return to live such pleasant experiences.

It was no coincidence that all the clients consulted expressed their satisfaction with the facilities, and were delighted with the human and professional quality of the staff. «The staff is incredible. We feel at home», they summarised.

This is possible thanks to the harmony between long-time employees at the facility, especially the founders, and young people who are joining the staff, who we count on to continue to choose Meliá Las Américas when it comes to their purchase, Alzola noted.


With more than 82 percent occupancy, this hotel reiterates the optimal management of its processes, also favoured by being the only facility with direct access to the golf course, which makes it the main supplier of customers to this sport, an advantageous position in relation to the rest of its peers belonging to the Spanish company based in the Green Cayman.

Renowned for both its quality and its environmental stance, in 2020 Meliá Las Américas was awarded the National Environmental Award in the category of productive and service entities.

The hotel markets a product oriented towards the sustainability of the tourist activity, manifested in a management programme based on the rational and sustainable use of water, and in the application, in a general sense, of good energy practices.

Alzola highlighted the global trend of sustainable tourism, «and we encourage our clients, in addition to a beautiful, clean beach, with a visual of the blue tones that the sea can give us, to also have the possibility of enjoying a sustainable beach, in an environment that protects nature».

With its five-star category, Meliá Las Américas is a hotel that receives clients from Europe and Canada, mainly. It is located on the north coast of the western province of Matanzas, the most important sun and beach destination in the Greater Antilles and the most notorious in the Caribbean.

This facility is one of the nine in Matanzas that obtained the superior category of Vanguardia Nacional in the provincial Union of Hotel and Tourism Workers.

Photos taken from the Meliá Las Américas Facebook page.

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñán.


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