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Prices of agricultural products are regulated in Pedro Betancourt (+audios).


In response to the concerns of the people of Pedro Betancourt, from next June 8th, the prices of various agricultural products will be regulated by the highest authorities of this territory of Matanzas.

According to Oslay Díaz Pagés, deputy intendant of Food of the locality, the implementation of this measure is essential to combat the exorbitant prices of staple products and, consequently, to facilitate the feeding of the people.


Díaz Pagés also highlighted the link between this strategy and the Law of Sovereignty, Food Security and Nutritional Education and the advantages of its implementation for the peasants of the territory.


Likewise emphasized that the highest authorities, organizations and structures of the municipality will accompany the people of Betancourt, with responsibility and discipline, to face possible abuses and illegalities before this governmental measure.


Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.



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