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Chess and health in Pedro Betancourt (+audio and photos).


The Pepe Roque Park in the town of Betancourt hosted a simultaneous chess game in honor of the 178th and 95th anniversaries of the birthdays of Antonio Maceo Grajales and Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, respectively.



According to Miriela Cuevas Ramírez, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Department in the town, the activity was attended by children, young people, guests, workers and teachers of the territory to practice the game of science.


Also, as part of the day of recognition to the Voluntary Blood Donors, the workers of the Municipal Sports Department who extend their arm in solidarity to save lives were stimulated. Among them, Daylín Roque Alarcón, methodologist of Physical Education of the Primary School, told us about her experience.



With a massive popular participation, those present demonstrated their skills in the practice of chess and praised the noble gesture of those who donate blood, while reaffirming the interrelationship between sport, health and history in our nation.


Photos: Taken from the Facebook profiles of the Municipal Sports and Health Departments.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.


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