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French Memory Peña Sessions in Matanzas.

On the third Saturday of every month, the Peña Memoria Francesa holds a session at its usual venue in the Pharmaceutical Museum or Botica Francesa, in the City of Bridges. The last session was dedicated to the French Revolution of 1789 and its influence on Cuban and Matanzas culture, specifically.

Writer Loreley Rebull and pianist Elvira Santiago gave the audience their interpretations, including La Marseillaise, the official anthem of France.

The painter Fedor Torres Monet, of French descent and member of the International Union of Naïf Painters, exhibited works of his own.

Armando Castañeda Lozano, one of the organizers of the activity, related essential events of the struggles of the French people and their creations, while Raisa González Giraldes, contributed with knowledge about the new calendar established after the revolution in that European territory.

Written by Delfina Mosquera.

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