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Measures implemented in Matanzas as part of the bankarization process.



In the province of Matanzas,  the Bank of Credit and Commerce (Bandec) implements measures that favor the gradual process of bankarization, according to its director, Yanetsy Chávez Camaraza.

Among them is the extension of the opening hours of banks until Sunday from 8:00 to 11:00 am, so that economic actors and individuals can deposit cash at bank branches.

Added to this is the boost of the extra box that allows customers to obtain cash in commercial entities through Cuban payment platforms.

Although the number of extra cashiers in Matanzas exceeds 250, today the bank, together with other agencies, is evaluating the incorporation of other sites that have the conditions to provide the service.

However, the biggest challenge is that the customer can access it through the two gateways, either Transfermóvil or Enzona.

Likewise, studies are being carried out to enable QR codes for the payment of services in those places that do not have them, and economic actors are being trained.

The director of Banco de Crédito y Comercio in Matanzas, Yanetsy Chávez Camaraza, clarified that cash payment is not eliminated, only the possibility of using payment channels for transactions is added.

Written by Yunielys Moliner Isasi.


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