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The Turquino-Manatí Plan must be a priority (+audio)

Susely Morfa, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and its first secretary in Matanzas, called for listening and being more decisive in the face of problems during a visit to the communities of La Lanza, Hato de Jicarita and Sabana Grande, in Unión de Reyes municipality.

In the villages, which are part of the Turquino-Manatí Plan, the party leader exchanged with the population, accompanied by Governor Mario Sabines Lorenzo.

There, the people raised their complaints about transportation, the running of the grocery store, the supply of medicines, cellular coverage, primary health care, gastronomy, housing, the asphalting of the road and the lack of access to services such as the press.

Morfa Gonzalez indicated how from the collective effort and the support of the socialist state enterprises operating in the community, the area can be transformed.


Meanwhile, Mario Sabines Lorenzo, governor of Matanzas, pointed out that today the warehouses must be the commercial center in these places and cannot be limited only to the sale of products of the regulated family basket, they must also provide other industrial and gastronomic products in places where this is the only thing that exists.

Sanitary transportation in these areas is one of the indicators that has not had a favorable behavior, due to the bad state of the roads and its own characteristics, therefore it was called to reinforce the primary health care and to delimit the routes for the transfer to the hospitals.

Regarding recreation and leisure, the need to increase cultural work in the communities was emphasized.

Also, after an exchange with the villagers, the deficiencies in the social work were exposed and the urgency to attend and particularize each person in vulnerable situations in the area was emphasized.

The visit also included an evaluation of the preparations for the start of the school year and insurance.

The Turquino Manatí Plan is a development program founded by the Cuban Council of State on June 2nd, 1987, with the purpose of achieving an integral and sustainable development of the mountainous and difficult to access areas of the country.

This plan harmoniously combines productive requirements with social development, nature conservation and the strengthening of the country’s defense, and integrates the organizations and institutions involved in this process.

Written by Yunielys Moliner Isasi




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