Emisora provincial de Radio de Matanzas, Cuba: «La Radio de tu Corazón»

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Matanzas for the use of renewable energy in pumping systems (+audio).

More than 26,000 inhabitants receive a stable supply of drinking water thanks to the change in the energy matrix in the pumping systems of the Matanzas area.

Of the 67 solar panels to be replaced, 37 have already been installed in the thirteen municipalities of the province, including communities where the population does not exceed 400 families.

The change of the energy matrix is a project conceived by OSDE ( Direct Business Services Organization) Water and Sanitation with the purpose of saving electricity through renewable energy, says Yensy Guedes Diaz, provincial director of Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado (Water and Sewerage Company).


With the implementation of the new technology, approximately 700 kilowatts per day are being saved in the country’s electric power system to date, the executive added.

Written by Noelis Santoyo Cobas.

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