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La Otra Orilla by Teatro Icarón

The staging of La otra Orilla, by writer and playwright Ulises Cala Roger, by Teatro Icarón, acquires a new air after its first staging in 2017, for the expressiveness of a language balanced between poetry and drama, in addition to providing a cast that contemplates the thinking of several generations.

Cala -who visits the city also motivated by the staging of his play La otra orilla, directed by Miriam Muñoz and Teatro Icarón- commented that he dispenses with the notes in his texts, as he prefers to write for intelligent directors and leave them ground on which to work.


First actress Miriam Muñoz.

The play recreates the attitudes of a group of human beings who, faced with a river full of dead people, try to cross to the other shore to reach dreams and supposed truths that they do not really know and that they do not know if they will be able to achieve because of their inner fear of the unknown.

They wait for the ferryman, that Charon representative of death that nobody knows or knows if it exists, but that inspires them to continue waiting for the unattainable.

Once again Teatro Icarón offers an interesting proposal with minimal resources and a lot of imagination, at a time when world migration is in fashion due to the constant war and misery of the people.

Perhaps it is a play that makes the human being think about how much he has, without realizing it, and that -sometimes- he thinks of abandoning for dreams that he does not know if they will come true.

Written by María Elena Bayón.


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