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Members of the Cuban Women Federation of Pedro Betancourt in Congress.

With the impetus and enthusiasm that characterizes them, betancoureñas women will gather this Friday to carry out the XI Municipal Assembly Congress of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC) in Pedro Betancourt.

After a fruitful work in commissions, the federates previously addressed important issues such as the internal functioning of the organization and the work of prevention and social care, as well as the empowerment of Cuban women and their participation in priority programs of the country such as food.

Johanys Hernández Orihuela, municipal secretary of the organization, shared the details of the Assembly and pointed out that the meeting will have 60 delegates from the locality, of which 27 are proposed as members of the Federation Committee, seven for the Secretariat, four for the Congress Assembly and twelve for the provincial Assembly.


Likewise, Hernández Orihuela pointed out the work of the organization during the period as regards the policy of cadres, the attention to the demographic mothers and vulnerable families, the constant link with the System of Attention to the Families and the Program of Attention-Maternal-Child Care, as well as the huge contributions of the federates to the economic, political and social development of the locality and the need to encourage the creation of children’s houses in the rural areas of the territory.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.


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