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Occupational therapy focused on the quality of life of the society.

Since 2010, Occupational Therapy Day has been celebrated worldwide every October 27th.

This event was created with the aim of making the work and development of the profession visible, as well as generating and disseminating activities related to occupational therapy.

It also seeks to raise awareness, both in occupational therapists and in society in general, about the impact that this profession has at a global level, since it is absolutely essential for many people.

Occupational therapy is a social-health science that, through therapeutic activities, seeks to help people to be independent and have a better quality of life. It consists of a series of techniques and methods aimed at improving the lives of those who have suffered brain damage or who have difficulty doing any daily activity.

Each year a slogan is chosen so that all the people and organizations that want, can develop a campaign around the date. For 2023, the theme chosen was «Unity through community».

It highlights the importance and commitment of occupational therapy professionals in collaborating with other sectors to promote community participation and interaction.

Written by Regla Yasira de León Reyes.

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