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Exponents of the teaching profession in Matanzas participate in Congress of the Association of Pedagogues.

Twelve people from Matanzas represent this western province in the VI Congress of the Association of Cuban Pedagogues (APC), which is being held in the Cuban capital until December 8th and focuses its debates on essential issues, such as the management of the organization, the professional development of its members and the scientific contributions to the third improvement of the national education system.

Raúl García Monzón, recently appointed as the new president of the APC board of directors in the territory, headed the delegation from Matanzas, integrated by outstanding teachers and researchers with relevant trajectory in the teaching profession.

Dedicated to the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, the meeting, which meets in three commissions, becomes an opportune space for a participatory approach to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the ACP and evaluate how it contributes, from its research and improvement projects, to the professional work of teachers and to raise the quality of Cuban education.

As usual, during the conclave of the organization, now in its sixth edition, the new national board of directors that will lead the APC in the next period of work is elected, the most outstanding territorial branches are stimulated and recognized, and the awarding of the Dignity Prize and other distinctions to pedagogues with outstanding research and professional performance is made.

More than 4 thousand educators are grouped in the Matanzas branch of the APC, nationally recognized for the awards that many of its members, experts and consecrated pedagogues, permanently dedicated to the noble work of instructing and teaching the new generations, hold.

Prior to the national meeting, the APC of this province delivered in the context of its pre-congress Assembly, the national awards Educational Tradition to the Formatur school, located in Varadero and Consecration to teaching to Elsa Hernandez Suarez, who for many years led the Yumurina association and was recently selected Honorary President of the board of directors.



Written by Yovana Baró Álvarez.














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