25 de julio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Behind the Dreams of Gilberto Subiaurt.


«Feet go after dreams,» said poet Gilberto Subiaurt Lopez when he opened his chest before the admirers who filled the Café Mezclado space at the UNEAC Social House in Matanzas.

«Since I was a child I dreamed of acting on big stages, more than sowing or running colts through the savannah,» said the first actor Gilberto Subiaurt, recalling his childhood back in the village of central Juan Avila, in Union de Reyes.

«From admiring and learning from the masters Pedro Vera and Albio Paz, I felt the desire to direct my plays; those that began to emerge, as poetic prose and speeches of deep human content, because those themes have marked my creation,» confessed the playwright and theater director, with a career of more than 40 years in the Cuban and international scene.

The host of the artistic-literary space, poet and storyteller Alfredo Zaldívar Muñoa, National Publishing Award and director of Ediciones Matanzas, could not pass another day without choosing Subiaurt, who will appear in the role of Leonardo in the next Cuban soap opera, a character that, according to the Matanzas actor, «is the most complex of the plot», as the guest of this meeting.

The First Actress Miriam Muñoz, director of Teatro Icarón, a group of which Gilberto is founder and where he has premiered his most important plays, among which he prefers Ediht, Condenados and Promesa, of the more than twenty written, acted and directed by him, winners of multiple awards in the National Theater Festivals, could not miss the event either.

The poet and journalist Maylan Alvarez, a fellow countrywoman of the guest, knew how to weave questions so that the playwright, with that deep and sensitive voice that characterizes him, bewitched the audience with his stories.

Also in attendance were those close to his career: the writer Margarita Aldanás, the oral storyteller Mamita de León and the actress Fara Madrigal, linked to his seeds and other beings who fluttered around the cozy Neptuno patio without defining their presence, anxious to show their affection to the friend of so many years.


Special moments were the performances of Miriam Muñoz and Subiaurt in a segment of his multi-award-winning play Edhit, adapted for television by María de los Ángeles Núñez Jauma; and then the performance of the award-winning actor with the young Ernesto de la Cal, of a passage from his play Promesa.

Danza Espiral company, with its prominent dancers, the choreographer and director of the group Liliam Padron and the expressive Gelsy Gonzalez, plus the cellist duo of young Kevin Blanco and Ronny Betancourt took part in the tribute.

Even under the roar of the storm that extinguished Matanzas for a few hours, the song, turned arpeggio and spring of suggestive nostalgia, in the voice of Olga Lidia Muñoz and the strings of maestro Mayito Guerrero, continued its dominance with a recital; linked to poems declaimed by the inimitable actor, with the added participation of artists and attendees, all protected in the main hall of the mansion of the UNEAC in Matanzas.

Written by María Elena Bayón


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