22 de julio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

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Cuba ruled out for 2024 Caribbean Baseball Series.


Cuba’s participation in the 2024 Caribbean Baseball Series has been ruled out, according to local media.

According to the Jit website, a spokesman for the Cuban Sports Institute stressed that Cuba is not among the candidates to participate in that edition of the regional tournament.

A reliable source told ESPN Digital that Colombia, Panama, a North American and an Asian entity are among the applicants (to complete the number of participants). The same source warned that Cuba is not among the contenders, the report said.

In this way, Cuba, founder of these competitions back in 1949, is once again left out, after participating in this year’s edition in Caracas.

Further on, the Jit note explains that «on 29 April, the Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball (CBPC) and the Miami 2024 organising committee announced that Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Curaçao and Nicaragua will participate; the last two as special guests».

«There is interest and we decided to study the possibility of enlarging the tournament (from six to eight teams). There is nothing definite decided yet, but a decision could happen as soon as next week,» CBPC president Francisco Puello emphasised the day before.

Meanwhile, Sarah Loarte, an advisor to the Miami 2024 organising committee and former MLB executive, said «there are two countries that are making a very aggressive approach» to enter the tournament.

The Miami 2024 Caribbean Baseball Series is scheduled to be played at Loan Depot Park from February 2nd to February 10th.

According to organisers, a final decision on whether to have six or eight teams will be known within 30 to 45 days.



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