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El Anaquel at Casa de la Memoria Escénica

El Anaquel

El Anaquel

One of the most important theoretical events of the performing arts in the country takes place this June 14th. It is the scientific event El Anaquel, of recognized transcendence in the Cuban and Matanzas theatrical universe.

At a press conference, playwright Ulises Rodriguez Febles, director of the Casa de la Memoria Escénica, said that on this 19th occasion thirteen researches will be presented and evaluated by a jury made up of Mireya Cabrera Galán, Dr. Oscar Piñera Hernández and National Publishing Award winner Alfredo Zaldívar.

Among the exhibitions are those entitled Un retablo virtual vivo, by Rubén Darío Salazar, winner of the National Theater Award; Danzar en Espiral: trayectos de una poética creativa, by Dr. Noel Bonilla, from the Arts University ; and Entre bambalinas. Cosas que pasan en el teatro, by writer Norge Céspedes.

The opening of the Muestra del Mes, dedicated to the 45th anniversary of Matanzas Editions, an institution where a large number of plays have been published, and to the 60th anniversary of master Ruben Dario, is scheduled to take place. Likewise, the Sauto Theater collective will be recognized as part of the annual event for its 160th anniversary.


In the Vagos Rumores courtyard, participants will appreciate the first piece of writing placed in the 2000 poems project in different spaces of the city of Matanzas. Testamento, by Virgilio Piñera, was chosen in response to the idea of poets Israel Domínguez and Derbys Domínguez.

The text is exhibited on the wall by means of a ceramic by Edel Arencibia Rodriguez, while three new texts will be added to the Wall of Phrases.

In the afternoon, the awards ceremony of the Anaquel event will be held in the Abelardo Estorino hall of the Casa de la Memoria Escénica.

Written by María Elena Bayón.


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