17 de julio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

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Singles’ party enlivened the days at Varadero hotel.

That way of understanding tourism, of elevating it to other dimensions from a qualitative point of view, has earned the Cubanacan hotel, a leading chain in the satisfaction of visitors to Varadero, recognition.

The much-loved Singles Party was once again held at the Meliá Las Antillas hotel in this famous beach resort, to socialize authentic experiences of a country that can be considered as having been served with a facility that has reinvented its daily life to offer the best stays.

In seven nights from June 4th to 11th, participants from several countries enjoyed an intense program where «once again we showed the creative, innovative and professional capacity of our people», said Estrella Patricia Sánchez Berrrío, general secretary of the union bureau of the hotel managed by the Spanish company Meliá and Cubanacán.

«The event is becoming more and more popular and this is a consequence of how we are always looking for ways to transmit novelties to our clients, so that they decide to repeat and return with the curiosity of what awaits them».

The meeting with singles, Estrella explains, is a big party designed for singles to make friends in an atmosphere of joy, creativity and good humor, with prevalence of participation games, which stimulate fun.

The program offered tourists the opportunity to exchange gifts, discover the secret friend, the Olympics of Bachelors vs. Bachelors, in addition to the visit to Cayo Blanco, the magical moment offered by the so-called Cuban Days, the farewell dinner at the seashore, as well as the delivery of the Grand Prize for bachelors and bachelorettes.

Participants in the Singles Party enjoyed the excellence of the sea where Meliá Las Antillas is located, chosen as the best stretch in the report on the best beaches of 2024, a selection made by the International Training Center for Beach Management and Certification (CIFPLAYAS) and the Federal University of Rio Grande (Brazil).

According to several publications, «singles» tourists are growing as a trend, perhaps consistent with the fact that the number of singles in the world is also increasing or because some people simply enjoy the adventure of going alone to any destination.

Recently awarded with the Travellers’ Choice, Meliá Las Antillas is 24 years old in leisure operations, an age he defends as a true gladiator in times when tourism in Cuba demands to innovate day by day to deal with the limitations of material resources.

Precisely that way of understanding tourism, of raising it to other dimensions from the qualitative as the main ally, earns special recognition to the Cubanacan hotel, a leading chain in the satisfaction of visitors who choose the Varadero destination, according to a report by the Ministry of Tourism in Matanzas.

Photos: Taken from the Meliá Las Antillas Facebook page.

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñán.









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