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Capítulo 175 de Unión de Reyes

I swear that walking through your streets I have heard the Divo de la voz de Cristal sing, and maybe even, in front of the place where Estorino was born, the keys of the machine that the excellent playwright used to give us his Casa Vieja still sound.

This love that sneaks into me to love you beyond the earthly, feeds my pride for having been born here, for still being here, for continuing to bet on you, on your present and your history.

This November 26th is 175 years old and at first glance it seems common, so, in relief, you may think that it is quiet, that it lulls, that it is dominated by stillness, but Union de Reyes is much more than that, it costs little to fall in love with this town, and much, to leave it, without taking the memories in a pocket.

Here, my grandfather’s grandfather traveled for the first time thanks to the great iron road, and upon arriving to these places, without a doubt, he was one of the many travelers who asked to be dropped off at the Unión de los hermanos Reyes, or as it was said then, at the Unión de los Reyes, without even suspecting that little by little, they were leaving a name to this centenary town.

Here, you can still feel the rumba of Malanga, the eternal poetry of Justo Vega and Fernando García González, the grace of Eloísa Álvarez Guedez, the typing of Regino Pedroso and the lineage of Juan Gualberto Gómez.

These 175 years of life, do not disguise the freshness of this noble and hardworking people. Men and women of the countryside who build with their results, new stories to carve in the sacred book of this fertile and blessed land.

Union de Reyes, finds its children among the native and adopted, those who are no longer here, those who settled far away, and those who still shelter in the shadows of the trees of its downtown promenade, witness of loves and heartbreaks. You can read it if you want, it is here, in its 175th chapter, the one written today. Congratulations Union.

How Union arrives to this anniversary

With a totally renewed image and more than twenty socioeconomic works revived, Union de Reyes arrives this Sunday to its 175 years of history, culture and traditions.

The rescue of the maternal Unionense home, the actions to improve the pavement in more than a thousand square meters of main arteries, the repair and maintenance of the dormitories of the special school Abel Santa María Cuadrado and the renovation of its furniture, the completion of the TRD, the bakery and the basketball field in the town of Alacranes, are some of the works that are put in function of the people as part of these celebrations.

The stage was also marked by the completion of the children’s playground in the rural settlement of El Estante, delivery of houses to vulnerable families, beautification and painting of houses and organizations located in the main arteries, as well as the completion of a medical office in the town of San Antonio de Cabezas and an elementary school in the Ojo de agua batey.

The act developed this morning in Unión de Reyes was attended by the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and its first secretary in Matanzas, Susely Morfa González, the vice-governor Marieta Poey and other political and governmental authorities of the municipality and the province.

The occasion was propitious to recognize organizations, institutions, companies, organizations and state and private economic actors with outstanding work in the resuscitation efforts that during the last stage returned color and splendor to a town that this November the 26th celebrates 175 years since its founding.

Written by Yaudel Rodríguez Vento.





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