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Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 enero, 2020

With sustained increases in production and income, El Barquillo contributes to the local development of Matanzas. Photos: From the Author The El Barquillo factory, the first local development project approved in Matanzas, confirms the effectiveness of the Cuban commitment to consolidate local development initiatives (IDL) that stimulate production and serve as a relief to communities.

Started in August 2013, managers and employees have been responsible for demonstrating the relevance of a useful idea where you look at it. He created new sources of employment, manufactures food, is profitable, efficient and works with stability.

This is how Enrique Denis Martínez summarizes the history of this IDL. Founder of the project, today its administrator, handles any requested data with mathematical precision.

However, behind every figure, of the usual compliments, there is a superior pride in this man, the conviction of “doing the impossible not to stop production, because that would stop feeding the people and telling the workers, you are interrupted… that never ”.

That conviction, emerged with the birth of the initiative, was about to be broken in a very hard 2019. “First the flour failed, then the fuel. Those circumstances put the plans at risk. Although, due to factors beyond our control, it was impossible to satisfy the tons of loaves of bread committed, we managed to over-fulfill in the pastry.

Not give up Neither in the three ideal markets, nor in the trade fairs, nor in the organizations, three fundamental clients, imagined the headaches suffered by El Barquillo to at least guarantee them polvorón and panqué, their two star products.

When the thing got ugly with the lack of fuel (three months in a row), a couple of obsolete electric ovens appeared and fixed them. According to Denis, they were the ideal ones to cook the dough of polvorón and of panqué, but not that of bread, food that depends on an honor that carries diesel and electricity, and that they could not use. “They were intense days.

We had to work with respect to the peak hours, so as not to violate that regime. We raffle the juncture that way. When the oil inflow was normalized, we decided, after consultation, to continue with the production of these candies. ” It was, he argues, not only to guarantee a food of such great demand, but also to the high profits it generates.

«For example, of 216 tons of confectionery, we finished 2019 with 250, 6 tons (t) and in money we made two million 200 thousand 900 pesos, when we had to deliver 885 thousand 600 pesos.» The productive increases are reflected in the thousand 700 pesos of average salary reached by the 37 workers of a factory with a well-earned reputation, a consequence of the quality of their breads, gaceñigas, coscorrones, palitroque, sparkle biscuit, pizza molds, pancake Capitol and shortening of fruits or polvorones.

A different way of doing, based on daily delivery, always looking for alternatives, supports the magic of this local development project, the first and most successful in the province of Matanzas, the workers of El Barquillo say. With that certainty they will celebrate tomorrow, Saturday, January 25th, Labor Day of the Food Industry.



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