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Fighters from Union De Reyes town recall fighters 55th anniversary of Yolanda and Fermin´s murder

Gloria Machado León 30 enero, 2018

Fighters from the municipality of Unión de Reyes recalled the 55th anniversary of the murder of the children Fermín and Yolanda with a visit to the monument that perpetuates the memory of that painful event that occurred on January 24, 1963 at the La Candelaria estate, belonging to the Galeón neighborhood. very close to the settlement known as El Estante.


Provincial election commission in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 19 junio, 2017

After the convocation of the Council of State to the General Elections 2017-2018 in Cuba, the Provincial Electoral Commission, presided over by Idoneida Abreu Domech, was constituted in Matanzas and will have as vice president and secretary to Yasnier Hinojosa O’Farril and Rigoberto Venero Lauzurica respectively, As well as a dozen vowels.


Communist Party of Spain condemns blockade of Cuba

Gloria Machado León 20 abril, 2017

A delegation of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), headed by its Secretary General José Luis Centella, who paid an official visit to Cuba, participated in the central activity for the 56th anniversary of the victory of Playa Girón, in Zapata Swamp, and Concluding the emotional tribute to the fallen martyrs in this epic offered statements to the press.


First American Airlines flight lands in Varadero

Gloria Machado León 12 septiembre, 2016

The first scheduled flight of the US airline American Airlines landed at 11.25 this morning from Miami, Florida, on the airport runway Juan Gualberto Gómez of Varadero, tourist pole of sun and sandy beach of Cuba, internationally recognized for the warmth of its people and the security and operational reliability of aviation.

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