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Julio Antonio Mella


The example they could not silence

Gloria Machado León 10 enero, 2017

The work of the revolutionary who, in the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, did more in less time is such a strong example of integrity that even with death his enemies could not silence him. Nicanor Mac Partland is the young man who, like José Martí, as well as being the first Cuban of his family, gave his life to liberate the peoples and especially their homeland from the imperialist dominion.


A restoration between traditions and community culture

Gloria Machado León 23 febrero, 2016

The legendary sugar warehouses, whose production boosted the economic development of Matanzas in the nineteenth century are unfold on the banks of the San Juan River. Today, in the heart of the area where the chimes drum and the singing of the orishas stimulated part of the culture of the city, the Alley of Traditions is located. There is ongoing the Villanueva Building Restoration, which is going be an institution projected to connect art and family.


Assault to the presidential palace: with the usual revolucionary fervour

Gloria Machado León 13 marzo, 2014

This March 13th we celebrate the 57th anniversary of the Assault on the Presidential Palace , which was the burrow of the dictator Fulgencio Batista, and with the usual revolutionary fervor we remember the heroism of the young people who participated in the reckless action and those who blew themselves for the freedom of his country then sore.

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