Red Cross, the world’s largest humanitarian network.

Every May 8th, the world celebrates Red Cross Day in commemoration of the birth of Henry Dunant, a Swiss banker who, while doing business in Algeria, travelled to Northern Italy where the Austrian, French and Piedmontese armies were fighting.

At nightfall, he visited a battlefield, where 40,000 men lay practically abandoned to their fate.

He saw many of them dying without assistance of any kind, and with the help of people from nearby villages, he set about rescuing and caring for them, regardless of which side they were on.

He was so impressed by this experience that three years later he published his reflections on how to help in similar situations in a book entitled A Memory of Solferino. It was the foundation of the Red Cross.

It is the largest humanitarian network in the world. It has employees and volunteers who help the most needy and vulnerable people in their communities.

In Matanzas, these men and women have crossed barriers and, filled with anguish but with great courage and fortitude, showed the world their unconditional dedication in the midst of the catastrophe at the Supertanqueros base in the industrial zone of the city of Matanzas.

It is a staff that dresses up the bravery that knows how to defy danger and puts the life of the human being above any situation, no matter how difficult it may be.

To them our recognition, our absolute gratitude and the constant reverence of an entire people who know they are protected by people with giant hearts and unconditional souls.

Written by Dunia Bermúdez.

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