Arts of the world for the happy heart (+photos, spot and video).

The IV International Meeting of Arts for Children Happy Heart has been taking place since last Wednesday in Havana. «A project that began in 2020 in a virtual way and to which the television programme Happy Heart belongs,» adds Rubén Darío Salazar, director of Teatro de Las Estaciones.

Corazón feliz will run until 28 May, dedicated in this edition to the care of the environment and women creators for children, both in Cuba and in Latin America.

Under the direction of singer-songwriter Rochy Ameneiro and with Rubén Darío Salazar as artistic director, the event features theatrical, circus, dance and musical groups from provinces such as Pinar del Río, Havana, Cienfuegos, Villa Clara and Las Tunas.

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On the Matanzas side, several groups are also included in the programme, among them Gabi & Sofi and El Mirón Cubano, for example, during Corazón de agua, a concert show dedicated to the care of water that opened with their performance Lluvia de palabras and in some vulnerable neighbourhoods of the capital.

«We were at the previous meeting, a year ago, accompanying the Cuban singer-songwriter Tanita Moreno, who lives in Spain. We are delighted to be back in 2023 with more solid proposals.

«Since the beginning of the pandemic, we started working with Cuban singer-songwriters in which we made several audiovisuals based on songs composed mainly by women.

«This brought us closer to the Corazón feliz family and several of these materials have been presented in the programme of the same name that appears on Saturdays on Cubavisión,» explains Rocío Rodríguez Fernández, director of the theatre group El Mirón Cubano.

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The collective, one of the most notable in the country in the variant of street art, adds to this proposal fragments of the work Zancos y juegos, «a street proposal that we presented in the La Corbata neighbourhood and we are very happy for this approach, we were able to play with the children and meet again with the singer-songwriters who put their talent to create for the little ones».

The young director confessed that it is a great joy to be part of the International Meeting of Arts for Children again in 2023, when today they will also be present at the closing ceremony.

«When they summoned us to participate in this meeting, it was a surprise and a dream for the group that works with proposals for children and families,» she said.

«For the closing, we reserved fragments of Club de Clown, a much-loved street show that we premiered years ago, then under the direction of Francisco Rodríguez and myself, as a work that I did with my father, with beautiful designs by Zenén Calero that give it a striking visual impact. I know the children will really enjoy these characters».

Teatro de Las Estaciones is also part of the Encuentro Internacional de Artes para la Infancia Corazón Feliz. Its participation began on the 24th itself at José Martí’s birthplace with the show Una niña con alas (A girl with wings), a scenic journey through the children’s poetry of Dora Alonso.

«We also joined the theoretical event with a presentation, we supported the galas and concerts in the Covarrubias hall with Pelusín, Pirulina, Amigo, Alelé, Libélula and we will close in the theatre hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts, with the show Pedro y el lobo, the story by Procofiev that Las Estaciones has made inspired by the pictorial work of Sosabravo», says the National Theatre Prize winner.

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Groups such as Cantoalegre, from Colombia, the Argentinians Sin Cordones, Teresa Usandivaras and Estrellita Caracol, and from Cuba the Children’s Choir of the Manuel Saumell Music School, Rita del Prado, the Dúo Karma, Enid Rosales and Teatro Tuyo also offer their art in Corazón feliz.



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The theoretical event discussed the challenges for the treatment and care of this population sector from the arts and society in general.

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The performances go beyond the geographical limits of the capital to reach the El Mejunje Cultural Centre in Santa Clara and the La Edad de Oro Theatre in Pinar del Río, for the concert by troubadour Yudi Herrera and the musical show Corazón Titiritero (Puppeteer’s Heart).

If in previous editions the event was dedicated only to children’s songs, its organisers have seen it grow with pride to interweave all artistic manifestations, the cultural traditions of the children’s age group and transmit a message of peace and inclusion.

The IV International Meeting of Arts for Children will end this Sunday with the presentations Cantar con el corazón and Por siempre fantasía, the latter dedicated to the work of different Cuban singer-songwriters who are references in the musical repertoire for children.

Written by Jessica Mesa.







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