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Lazo insists in Matanzas on sugar sector recovery.

The president of the National Assembly of People’s Power and the Council of State, Esteban Lazo Hernández, held a meeting in Matanzas with workers of the sugar sector.

Lazo Hernández, accompanied by Jorge Luis Broche Lorenzo, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, and Susely Morfa González, first secretary of the political organization in the province, analyzed the potential of the territory in that area and insisted on the importance of the recovery of the sector.

In this space, it was informed that between June and December of this year, 3,680 hectares of sugar cane should be planted and they are immersed in this agricultural process.

Currently, the sugar mills are in the process of repairs and for the next harvest it is expected that the plan will exceed 40 thousand tons, a figure that will be discussed in the coming days.

Along with these activities, the diversification program of the sector, food production, attention to families in vulnerable situations and other social works, such as the creation of children’s houses, are being maintained.

The meeting criticized the industrial deficiencies, sugar theft, idle land and urged to improve the attention to human capital.

However, the President of the National Assembly of People’s Power and the Council of State insisted that if these deficiencies were improved, Matanzas province could once again become an example in the sector.

Written by Yunielys Moliner Isasi.

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