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Matanzas Genetic Livestock Company assumes change of water matrix

Matanzas Genetic Livestock Company is today undertaking the change of the water matrix in its units, an investment process that will guarantee various alternatives for the supply of the vital liquid in livestock activities.

The main objective is to eliminate the use of piped water, which does not cover the needs of livestock and represents important expenses for a company that today already has losses, explained Jorge Acosta Lugo, deputy director of the entity.

«Currently, the originally designed water systems have collapsed and this change is mainly aimed so that the units do not depend on a single water supply system.»

So that they understand, an animal can consume between 80 and 120 liters of water and with the current system the entity can only guarantee about 46 percent.

According to the manager, 16 submersible water pumps have been received and 23 more are expected for the rest of the year, which will be connected to those dairy farms that have wells.

Likewise, the units that lack electricity will have solar panels for the connection of the submersible pumps. Windmills that are not currently in operation will also be recovered.

The change of water matrix in Empresa Pecuaria Genética Matanzas seeks that each unit has more than one water supply option.

In addition, 300 hectares of corn and other plants will be planted in order to enter the dry season in better conditions.

Written by Yunielys Moliner Isasi.


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