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Matanzas student wins silver medal in Ibero-American Physics Olympiad.

Carlos Daniel Chaviano González, a twelfth grader at the Carlos Marx Vocational Pre-University of Exact Sciences in Matanzas, won the Silver Medal in the XXVIII Ibero-American Physics Olympiad, held in Costa Rica and developed online, in which Cuba participated with a delegation of four students.

According to the note recently published by the Ministry of Education, the students of the IPVCE Luis Urquiza Jorge, from Las Tunas, Jorge Alejandro Romero Gil and Adrián Arsenio Garcés Jiménez, also stood out by winning the bronze medal and honorable mention, respectively.

From the University of Havana, Cuban competitors accompanied by their coaches competed for several days virtually in the Physics contest, aimed at students under 18 years of age and pre-university students from Latin American countries, with the purpose of stimulating the study of this scientific specialty and the development of young talents.

During the special and well-deserved recognition offered to the young Yumurino by students and the teaching staff of the IPVCE of this western province, it was ratified that the main purpose of the educational center is to train future men and women of science and although the current scenario of the territory and the country is complex, it is determined to achieve its goals.


In addition to honoring the young medalist Chaviano González, directors of the educational sector praised the performance of his coach, veteran physics teacher José Mora, and the integral work developed by the Provincial Training Center for students with high academic performance of the IPVC Carlos Marx and its main coordinator, expert mathematics teacher Alfredo Santamarina Linares.

Beyond enhancing their intellectual capacity, this Center prepares its students to participate in contests and competitions of knowledge in different subjects at national and international level and receives the benefits of the strategy designed for talented students, which is prioritized by the Ministry of Education in Cuba.

Written by Yovana Baró Álvarez.


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