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Substance mixer added to former French Apothecary.

A substance mixer was incorporated Tuesday to the funds of the Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas, donated by Ernesto Triolet Estorino, direct descendant of the founders of the former French Pharmacy of this city, National Monument.

Triolet Estorino explained to the Cuban News Agency that the piece preserved by his family, is a glass rod that was used for the formation of formulas, for example to help dissolve common preparations such as water with baking soda.

Marcia Brito, director of the Museum, said that the institution, with a large collection related to pharmacology, all very attractive for visitors, did not have a similar piece, an element that from today is integrated to the exhibition of utensils.

Accompanied by his grandson Yonan Saulius Temes Triolet, the descendant of the founders of the former Botica Francesa arrived again this Tuesday as a participant of El Matancero Ausente, a traditional activity that gathers the children of this city and their relatives, proud of their roots even though they no longer reside in the so-called Athens of Cuba.

I’ve always been in love with Matanzas, I’m still in love with it, you get excited when you arrive and see the bay,» said Triolet Estorino, who lives in Havana, «and the Museum is a glory of Marcia, who has managed to keep it as it was the last day that the Apothecary worked. My family had preserved it until the last day it worked as the day it was founded and Marcia has managed to maintain it as the first day.

The Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas is, according to Brito, the only one of its kind in the world that preserves an original and complete French Apothecary of the late 19th century; the institution that stands out as an architectural, cultural and patrimonial jewel, contributes to the celebration of the 330 years of this city founded on October 12th, 1693.


Written by Yenly Lemus.



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