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Matanzas celebrates Sugar Workers’ Day.

Every October 13th is celebrated in Cuba as Sugar Workers’ Day. A propitious moment to evaluate and analyze the organization of the next harvest, sugarcane production and food sowing, according to Julio Andrés García Pérez, president of AZCUBA.

The day in the province of Matanzas is focused on the exchange of the aforementioned objectives with the workers and includes special matinees and recognitions to the workers.

The National Order for 50 years of Work in the Sugar Industry, approved in 1965 by the Council of Ministers, which has been awarded to nearly 14 thousand people, will also be presented.

The province of Matanzas should begin the 2023-2024 harvest in November with the René Fraga Moreno sugar mill, in the municipality of Colón, with the production of sugar derivatives, followed by the Jesús Sablón and Mario Muñoz sugar mills, in the territories of Calimete and Los Arabos, respectively.

In a very complex context, the production of sugar, cane and various crops favor the sugar agroindustry.

With the creation of the Ministry of Sugar in 1964 and the separation of sugarcane production (INRA’s General Directorate of Sugarcane) from the industrial phase of the process (MINAZ), October 13th was defined as the Day of the Sugarcane Worker in Cuba.

Written by Yunielys Moliner Isasi.


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