Emisora provincial de Radio de Matanzas, Cuba: «La Radio de tu Corazón»

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Call to perpetuate Marti’s work in Pedro Betancourt (+audios).

Several representatives of the José Martí Cultural Society and the Martí Youth Movement of Matanzas urged to bring the life and work of the Apostle closer to the new generations in an exchange with members of the Party Bureau and the Union of Young Communists in this municipality.

According to Ledianys Mejías González, member of the UJC Bureau in the territory, they emphasized the need to increase the presence of Marti’s clubs and chairs in work centers, communities and neighborhoods of the locality, as well as the importance of perpetuating the legacy of our National Hero.

Mejías González also highlighted the activities developed by the UJC in connection with political and mass organizations and other bodies in order to preserve Marti’s ideology in the current socio-political and media context.

The meeting then became a scenario to guarantee the safeguarding of the imprint of the most universal of Cubans and, consequently, to promote the interest and love for our local history.

Photo: Irisleidys Cárdenas Rivero, ideological officer of the Party Committee in Pedro Betancourt.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.


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