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Producing food: a priority in Matanzas.

In the current socioeconomic context, food production and commercialization become priorities for the top management of the nation and the province of Matanzas.


This theme heads the Municipal Strategy for Economic, Social and Political-Ideological Development of Pedro Betancourt, where, according to Royslán Cámbara Sosa, first secretary of the Party of the territory, the political and governmental authorities are working to guarantee the feeding of the population.

Likewise, Gladys Rodríguez López, mayor of the locality, acknowledged the positive indicators and potential of the municipality, as well as the challenges faced to solve the current complex situation, such as the need to encourage the development of pigs, small livestock, livestock modules, the sowing of sunflower, sesame and other protein plants.



Likewise, for an eminently agricultural municipality such as Pedro Betancourt, the exploitation of its endogenous resources on the basis of agroecological practices that promote efficient and quality food production is urgent.

In this regard, Alexis La Red Valdespino, Municipal Delegate for Agriculture of Pedro Betancourt, expressed the Delegation’s efforts to materialize this intention of the local authorities.


Likewise, Iris Rodríguez Nogueira, municipal president of the National Association of Small Farmers, explained to our radio station how this organization contributes to food production in the municipality.


This November 1st, the municipality of Pedro Betancourt will begin the contracting process of agricultural and forestry production that will last until December 15th in order to ensure the population’s food supply for the coming year 2024. This was confirmed to our radio station by Oslay Díaz Pagés, municipal deputy superintendent of Food.

For its part, the production of vegetables and vegetables through organopónicos is one of the main alternatives to promote food sovereignty and local development in accordance with the program of urban, suburban and family agriculture. This was confirmed by Julián Crespo Chamizo, agricultural worker of the Cuba Libre organoponic.

It is urgent then to materialize the call of the first secretary of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, when in the most recent session of the Council of Ministers he urged to increase national food production with our own effort, talent, capabilities and potential, motivating popular participation, self-critical thinking and active and constant dialogue with the population.
Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.


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