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Awarded quality at Starfish Cuatro Palmas

Stable economic management and the quality maintained in 2022 by the Matanzas Starfish Cuatro Palmas hotel distinguish it among the more than 50 facilities of Gran Caribe, one of the four Cuban hotel business groups.

» Vanguardia Nacional status earned by the results of the previous year is synonymous with a superior commitment of the entity to face new challenges,» said the hotel’s deputy general manager, Danilo Pereira Hernández.

When asked about the key to the success of his collectivity, he replied that «it lies in the willingness and commitment of the staff. It is important to continue on the path of good practices, to pursue higher balances,» he added.


Wilfredo Gómez Suárez, head of the union bureau, highlighted as one of the main improvements of the past year the priority given to the living and working conditions of the men and women of Starfish Cuatro Palmas. «We are pleased to have fulfilled one hundred percent of the union dues and the contribution of Mi Aporte a la Patria, amounts destined to the defence of the country», factors that endorse the union operation as one of the greatest strengths of the hotel.

Figures of satisfied customers and fulfilment of income plans could summarise the operations of a collective that is also outstanding in such strategic indicators for the good functioning of the entity.

«A performance of this magnitude inspires daily praise,» says Maylén Alemañy Santos, general secretary of the provincial Union of Hotel and Tourism Workers. «This is a reference hotel for Cuban tourism,» she said.



Located on 60 street, at the end of Varadero’s historic center, the attractions of the Starfish Cuatro Palmas are highlighted by a well-kept stretch of beach and the friendliness of the staff, issues that define the choice for the hotel, which operates under a management contract with the Canadian hotel company Blue Diamond Resorts.

Belonging to the National Union of Hotel and Tourism Workers, 30 labour collectives in the country merited the status of National Vanguard, the high award granted by the Cuban Workers’ Central.

Photos taken from Starfish Cuatro Palmas Facebook page

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñán.









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