23 de julio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

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Cuban numismatic tradition is honored in Pedro Betancourt (+audios).

Every July 9th, the largest of the Antilles celebrates the Cuban Numismatic Day as an ode to the law that in 1869 decreed the circulation of the first Cuban banknotes in the territories liberated by the Mambi struggle.


Tokens from the Santa Fe colony (top center) and a paycheck from the central Cuba (bottom).


Every July 9th, the largest of the Antilles celebrates the Cuban Numismatic Day as an ode to the law that on the same date, but in 1869, decreed the House of Representatives, with Céspedes at the head, to circulate in those territories liberated by the Mambi struggle, the first Cuban banknotes.

The day also highlights the important role played by this discipline in the preservation of cultural heritage and national identity and the need to promote its study as an incentive to understand the country’s history from an attractive and enriching perspective.


Medals of local mambises (upper right corner) and degrees and discharge of Captain Joaquín Gómez (lower left corner).


Precisely, the Gustavo González Pérez Museum, in Pedro Betancourt municipality, treasures a valuable collection of pieces of this branch that, according to its director Lázara Nemblad Carrillo, show the socioeconomic development in the different periods of the history of the Island and the world.


Likewise, Nemblad Carrillo referred to those decorations and awards that, as part of the aforementioned compilation, are housed in the premises.


Likewise, the head of the center urged the people of Betancourt to visit the facility during the current summer season to learn more about this fascinating source of historical and cultural knowledge.


Numismatics Day in Cuba becomes an opportunity to highlight the importance of our monetary legacy as an integral part of our cultural heritage and identity, while preserving this remarkable material for future generations.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.


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