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El Pensamiento Bookstore: tradition, novelty and aesthetics.

El Pensamiento is one of the most important bookstores of the Provincial Center of Books and Literature in Matanzas. Its years of existence, which go back to more than seven decades, the continuous entry of new volumes of universal, Cuban and Matanzas authors and a connoted esthetic in its presentation, turn it into a regular scenario for those who seek to satisfy their reading and knowledge needs.

It has a privileged location on Medio Street, in the Historic Center of the City, and becomes a place of interest because renewed airs surround the institution, given the alternative options for the acquisition of books that are made by these times, given the difficulties in the graphic production of the texts, which favors a commercial movement around the purchase and sale of books by the population.

To learn more about this work, we interviewed Malvi González Martín, who runs this palce:

«We opted for the initiative this year to start with rare and used books, with which we have had many results, as the sales plan has been expanded. Customers bring their notebooks that are five years old or older.

«We choose good literature, because they bring in children’s volumes, of which we are in short supply, detective, adventure, science fiction, romance and historical novels, by well-known writers, and we can maintain daily sales.

«The unit then develops the two functions, the new ones that come in through the Book Institute and those brought in by the population.»

In addition to this main management in the El Pensamiento bookstore, literary and extension activities are carried out.

«We develop several actions that make the bookstore also a cultural focus. Among these is El sombrero de Zequeira, hosted by writer and critic Derbys Domínguez, who comes with a special guest to talk about his work and promote it, in coordination with the Centro de Promoción Literaria José Jacinto Milanés (José Jacinto Milanés Literary Promotion Center).


«Likewise, there are the spaces The book in the elderly, consisting of talks at the community’s Home for the Elderly; the Poetry Afternoons with the sale and promotion of books by a certain poet; The book in my neighborhood, on titles on health and life issues, in general, with invitations to doctors and social workers.

«In addition to some popular ones with themes referring to the History of Cuba, around a figure celebrating an anniversary, in neighborhood schools and our participation in Book Saturday once a month.»

One of the center’s workers is Ada García, who works in the sales room, where more than two thousand copies are exhibited:

«The decorative conception of the building, with its shelves and tables, looks very elegant. When one enters, on the right are the rare and used books. You can buy novels, Cuban and universal literature, science and technology….


«At the center we have books on legal topics, which are in high demand, as well as the latest novelties. There are books on cooking, psychology and advice on how to improve the quality of spiritual life. Going around the store, we see juvenile and children’s literature, texts in different languages, and on the left, the Matanzas Editions shelf, assorted with different genres, including magazines.

«On the upper floor there are notebooks of poetry, both universal and ours, rare, used and new, as well as sports and diverse literature».

About the prices that the reader can find, he stated:

«There are differences between those provided by the Book Institute, which do not exceed 70 pesos, some are quite modest for today and those brought by customers sellers.

«As is logical, they put the value they consider according to the genre, the author, the age of the edition and other characteristics that these writings have, and they can cost in some cases from 200 to 500 pesos or more according to their criteria.

«In any case, the public’s reception of this possibility of acquiring their favorite book is positive».

The group of workers of the bookstore El Pensamiento stands out in the province for its management and the commitment they maintain in the care of the building and the notebooks they treasure to promote the habit of reading in our town, as one of our greatest achievements.

Written by María Elena Bayón Mayor.






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