29 de mayo de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Exchange on sign language in Matanzas.

The National Center for the Improvement of the Deaf (CENDSOR) held an exchange of knowledge in Matanzas.

The Centro Nacional y de Superación del Sordo (CENDSOR) held an exchange of knowledge in Matanzas.

Centro Nacional y de Superación del Sordo en Facebook

National Center for Overcoming Deafness. Photo taken from Facebook


In a tour of the city of Matanzas on Thursday, representatives of this organization conducted a training session for Cuban Sign Language (CSL) instructors who work at the National Association of the Deaf of Cuba (ANSOC), the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cuba (MINED) and other participants who decided to join in order to collaborate with the teaching of sign language in the territory.

During the meeting, they discussed topics on Identity and Culture of the Deaf Community, the work of the LSC Instructor and methodological aspects on the teaching of LSC as a first and second language.

They also held an exchange with the Deaf Community of the 78th district, in the Peñas Altas Popular Council, with the participation of Ibis Mercedes Páez, representative of ANSOC and Randy Perdomo, delegate of this district.

During the visit, they toured the community house and the medical office of the district, and learned about the projects being carried out there.

The CENDSOR representatives described their recent visit to Matanzas as a compilation of «linguistic and socio-cultural experiences, useful for work and enriching for the soul».

Writen by Claudia Ortega Valido.







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