22 de mayo de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Matanzas experienced another day of children’s joy on April 10th (+audio and photos).

In Matanzas, the celebration in early childhood educational institutions, centers where they find love, affection, understanding and instruction, but also learn skills, abilities and values that prepare them for life, was beautiful.


With diverse and original initiatives and the usual sports, cultural and recreational festivals, the children of early childhood in the territory of Matanzas celebrated this April 10 the 63rd anniversary of the creation of the Children’s Take Care Centers in Cuba, centers that welcome the little ones at home to create habits, customs and standards of conduct and contribute to their integral formation from an early age.

Prior to the date, a commemorative day was held in these institutions in the province, which included traditional and innovative didactic activities through role-playing and the creation of artistic skills in infants, beautification and hygiene work with the support of families, the making of toys with reusable materials and a contest to design the logo for the 63rd birthday of the Take Care Centers, as pointed out to Radio 26, Ivis Moliner Hernández, head of the Department of Early Childhood in the General Directorate of Education in the province (DPE).

She added that one of the current challenges is to achieve the completion of the teaching and professional staff required by these institutions, as well as to improve the infrastructure of the premises with the support of state entities and community agents, since there is capacity to enroll a greater number of children.

According to the information provided, the province has 70 Children’s Take Care Centers, of which 67 are in operation and three are closed for construction repairs, and there are currently about 6,980 children enrolled, a figure that varies monthly due to the allocation of vacancies.

Despite the shortage of educators, logistical problems and the lack of didactic modules necessary for the development of the teaching-educational process with the little ones, due to the country’s economic problems, the Ministry of Education (Mined) strives to improve the work and maintain the vitality of the Children’s Take Care Centers. In addition, it implements alternatives, such as promoting the so-called Casitas Infantiles, supported by state agencies, in line with the political will of the Cuban government to promote the birth rate, protect children and working mothers and comply with the National Program for the Advancement of Women.

On the occasion of the celebration and due to its satisfactory results, the children’s Take Care Center Estrellitas Rojas, in the capital city of Matanzas, hosted the central activity of the province on the occasion of the 63rd birthday of these educational institutions, founded in the country by the initiative and management of Vilma Espín.


Beautiful, colorful and emotional was the simultaneous celebration in Matanzas in the early childhood educational institutions, centers that receive and attend every day to those whom José Martí called «the hope of the world», spaces where they find love, affection, understanding and instruction, but also learn skills, abilities and values that prepare them for life.

Written by Yovana Baró Álvarez.














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