29 de mayo de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

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Constructores de Sueños Children’s House Inaugurated in Matanzas.

The inauguration of the Constructores de Sueños children’s house represents the realization of a beautiful and useful wish for the little ones of the workers of the ARCOS Varadero and Constructora Hicacos companies.


The inauguration of the Children’s House (CI) Constructors of Dreams represents the realization of a beautiful and useful wish for the little ones of the workers of the companies General Contractor of Works (ARCOS Varadero) and Construction and Assembly of Tourism Works (Constructora Hicacos).

Alain Barrios Leon and Emilio Torres, general directors of ARCOS Varadero and Constructora Hicacos, in that order, cut the ribbon that officially opened the premises, a ceremony held in the context of the tribute for the 94th anniversary of the birth of the unforgettable Vilma Espin and this April 10th, 63rd anniversary of the creation of the children’s Take Care Centers.

According to what was disclosed on the Facebook account of the directors of both entities, the children’s house has capacity for 30 children, in addition to large indoor and outdoor spaces, a vegetable garden for self-consumption, flower beds to promote the values of hard work and an area to develop games.

Families in vulnerable conditions could also benefit from the building, which was built by the forces of the construction brigades of Architecture (BECOA) 47 and Engineering (BCOI) 28.

ARCOS Varadero-Constructora Hicacos is already taking advantage of this variant of educational attention in early childhood, in the institutional modality, in a sector among those with the largest working population in the province of Matanzas and vital in the tourist progress in the main Cuban seaside resort.

The other excellent news is that the second children’s house of the Ministry of Construction is already under construction in Matanzas, this time in its capital city, in charge of the Construction and Assembly Company, a good reaction if we take into account that the army of the so-called white helmets is among the areas with more demand for capacity for children’s take care centers and ironically had lagged behind in the investment of the ICs.

Thus, the province totals eight buildings of this type, the first of which was opened by the Revolutionary Armed Forces in the municipality of Cárdenas, in line with the Matanzas Strategy to advance in the economic-social, political-ideological order.

This initiative is viable thanks to the fact that the entities, based on their economic and material conditions, can allocate funds for its opening, maintenance and guarantee of sustainability.

Photos: Taken from Sonia Arcos Varadero’s Facebook page.

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñán.






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