19 de junio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

Matanzas stands out with numerous nominations in Cubadisco 2024.

Ten people from Matanzas (residents or not in Matanzas) are nominated for the International Music Industry Fair, Cubadisco, this year 2024.

Ten people from Matanzas (residents or not in Matanzas) are nominated for the International Music Industry Fair, Cubadisco, this year 2024. Among those with the highest number of nominations stands out Tony Avila, whose album Universos aspires to win the award in new trova, popular music concert, discographic notes, controlled sound design and graphic design.

Very close behind, with four nominations, is Alejandro Falcón. The triptych Clásicos entre puentes, together with Iván Valiente and the Ensemble Solistas de la Habana, is among the nominees in the categories Symphonic and Chamber Music, Notas Discográficas, by musicologist Carmen Souto Anido, while the CD Canto, by Ana Irma Pérez Pereyo, which features the work of the matancero as music producer, arranger and pianist, competes in Song and Opera Prima.

«I feel very happy with these nominations to Cubadisco 2024. In the case of Clásicos entre puentes, it is a tribute to Matanzas, the city where I was born.

I would also like to highlight the excellent performance of the musicians of the Ensemble Solistas de La Habana orchestra, the wonderful work of sound engineer Tony Carrera, in charge of the recording of the album and Giraldo, who did the mixing and mastering, as well as Iván Soca, among the great Cuban photographers who is also the author of the design. I cannot fail to mention musicologist Carmen Souto.

«I am very grateful that maestro Iván Valiente has chosen my work as a composer to make these three volumes within a record production.

«It contains important works within my career such as Danzando entre Puentes, Monserrate, Las cuatro estaciones matanceras, a tribute to Astor Piazzola and Antonio Vivaldi, from my vision as a matancero, the suite Entre las dos aguas, Tributo a la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and Vals para Oshún. These are pieces written for chamber orchestra or string orchestra with piano.

«I am also very happy to have participated as musical producer, pianist and arranger of the CD-DVD Canto, by Ana Irma Pérez Pereyo, where I worked with musicians such as David Fallas on bass, Adner López Jiménez on drums, Emir Santa Cruz on saxophone and trumpeter Mayquel González, as well as the entire team and the Colibrí label with which I have carried out several of my most important productions for several years».

No less important is the presence of La Failde in the Varied Traditional Music section, with the album Danzoneando, live from Matanzas and «we are very happy about it.

«This album has filled us with joy. Danzoneando is a television program from which we took some of the themes to make a 10-track album, in which we are accompanied by Maestros Orlando Valle, Maraca, José Loyola and humorist Luis Silva with his character of Pánfilo, who performs the only piece that is not danzón in this selection, El bodeguero, on the occasion of the centenary of Richard Egües, author of this chachachá.

«This is Danzoneando’s second nomination, after winning one last year at the Latin Grammy Awards, which took us to Seville in November», said Ethiel Failde, director of the orchestra.

In the International Co-Production section, the Yumurian rumba tradition was represented by Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, in collaboration with another group from Matanzas, Ojundegara and Sebastian Schunke, in Existential Intensities.

Young Bryan Sanchez took home two nominations with his eponymous album in Pop Fusion and Opera Prima.

«I think it’s a privilege everything that is happening with respect to the album. It has been months of hard work to offer you this musical variety that contains mixtures between pop, pop rock, fusions of other genres such as flamenco, Cuban son, timba, sonorities such as bossa nova.


«I was delighted with the result after a lot of effort and I hope the public enjoys it as well. Receiving two Cubadisco nominations this year is the greatest thing.

«Right now I’m focused on launching the album little by little, with promotional and marketing songs; I will also release independent songs, including one dedicated to Mother’s Day and another song in the summer».

Lien Rodriguez is also among those selected for the most important Cuban record fair for his album Pájaro mañanero in Canción contemporánea.

«The album came out under the label Lafont Producciones. I recorded it here, in Medellín, Colombia, with Cuban musician Freddy Lafont, who worked as sound engineer, sound engineer, mixed, mastered.

«It is a very special album for me because it is the first time that I assume full responsibility for the musical arrangements, the interpretation of all the instruments: piano, guitar, cello, calimba, African zither, as well as the production.

«I am immensely satisfied that this journey I have made has reached this gift because the nomination is already for me a prize. Although one does not make songs to receive an award but out of necessity, these additions make me very happy.»


Also worth mentioning are the nominations of Frank Fernandez, together with the National Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Enrique Perez Mesa, from Matanzas, in the album Beethoven.
Piano Concertos, Ernesto Pita Noval, with Pasión y cenizas, in Contemporary Song and Raúl Torres (from Matanzas by adoption), in the New Trova section with the album Primer novilunio.


For the first time, Cubadisco will include a section within the international awards to recognize the music of Colombia, guest of honor. It will also be dedicated to country music.

The Cubadisco 2024 international event will be held between May 12th and 19th. The awards will be announced on May 16.

Written by Jessica Mesa Duarte.






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