18 de junio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

SAN Law implementation evaluated in Pedro Betancourt.

Members of the Advisory Group of the National Commission for Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security exchanged with the highest authorities of this municipality to evaluate the implementation of the Food Sovereignty and Security Law in this territory.

Yunys Carrión Cutiño, a senior specialist in Agrarian Law who is in charge of the National Commission’s secretariat, was interested in food production and distribution, compliance with agricultural plans, the operation of the Mother and Child Care Program and the Family Care System in the town.

Mevis Pérez Orgas, director of the Ramal School of the Ministry of Agriculture, highlighted the positive indicators of the municipality and the joint work of its officials, politicians, managers, representatives and other authorities to ensure the effectiveness of the national law.


Likewise, Blanca Terry Berro, head of the Center for Nutrition and Food Hygiene of the Ministry of Public Health, emphasized the need to promote the nutritional culture of the population, while Oslay Díaz Pagés, municipal deputy superintendent of Food, stressed the importance of maintaining actions to confront the high prices of products.

Likewise, Magaly Reyes Roldán, director of the municipal University Branch, underscored the center’s initiatives to increase local development projects and the joint work with organizations such as the Delegation of Agriculture, and Mayor Gladys Rodríguez López expressed the will of the highest territorial management to continue improving the results in each of the sectors.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.



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