19 de junio de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

The 22nd Congress must be a mobilizing exercise.

The trade union movement must take advantage of the option offered by the organic process of the 22nd Congress of the  Cuba Trade Workers Union (CTC) to turn it into a mobilizing exercise of the productive and service reserves in every instance where it takes place.


Delegados de Calimete se comprometieron a saludar la Conferencia Provincial con mejores saldos productivos y de servicios. Foto: De la Autora

Calimete delegates pledged to greet the Provincial Conference with better productive and service balances. Photo: From the Author


The trade union movement must take advantage of the option offered by the organic process of the 22nd Congress of the Cuban Workers Central (CTC) to turn it into a mobilizing exercise of the productive and service reserves in each instance where it takes place.

The municipal conferences cannot mean just one more meeting, reflected the CTC general secretary, Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, while exchanging with some 60 delegates at the meeting in Calimete, in the western province of Matanzas.

The member of the Political Bureau of the Party insisted on the organizational dynamics prior to these prominent spaces, so that they leave a feeling of legitimate utilitarian value in the working population, and people really feel the transforming spirit of the Congress.

«He reflected, while analyzing the potential of Calimete, a transcendental territory due to its agro-industrial, sugar and rice infrastructure.

The challenge lies in producing, raising the offers to the population, decreasing inflation, prices and increasing the purchasing power of salaries and pensions, he considered. «If this is achieved moderately, it would be the best and most important contribution of the working class to the Revolution», he exhorted, after listening to speeches on the progress of the current harvest at the Jesús Rabí Sablón sugar mill.

The best of the sugar mills in recent times in Matanzas lacks a few tons to reach the plan, but it could have optimal behavior if it receives the fuels and it does not rain, he explained, words with the implicit recognition to unions such as the Tourism Union that support the sugar cane workers in different ways.

The repercussion in productive and efficiency terms of applying Decree 87 in the Grain Agroindustrial Company, in conditions to increase its rice delivery, raised a debate on how the possibility granted by the regulation of approving the salary scale of each position in the entity itself is still not being taken advantage of.

To achieve this and other benefits derived from the powers granted to the socialist state enterprise, and which increase the workers’ income, it is necessary to identify the ideal worker to lead the section or the bureau, Guilarte said.

«To fight for the rights of the employees, it is necessary to select the most capable person, with recognition and authority, and, after choosing him/her, to train him/her in legal, economic and labor matters, only then he/she will be able to represent. Only in this way will he/she be able to represent the union», he said.

Guilarte was accompanied by Mario Sabines, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, the second secretary of the CTC Isdalys Rodríguez, and other leaders of the party, the Government and the union organization.

With that of Calimete, held on May 16th, began in the province of Matanzas the organic process 22nd Congress to this instance, meeting where the excellent performance of the outgoing secretary Mitzi Torres at the head of the Municipal Committee was recognized, position for which Yarisleydis Díaz Cuza was elected.




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