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Palmar de Junco stadium, National Monument

Gloria Machado León 24 julio, 2017

On July 24th, 1991 was issued the Resolution number 104 of the National Commission of Monuments of the Ministry of Culture that declares Palmar de Junco, in the city of Matanzas, as a National Monument.

This decision was signed by Dr. Antonio Núñez Jiménez and the architect Marta Arjona Pérez, two icons of our national and international culture, which was endorsed by the president of INDER at the time, Conrado Martínez Corona.

Among the merits of the land in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo are being the site of the first official game of baseball recognized in Cuba on December 27th, 1874, and being the oldest active in the world.

At the moment, the Museum and Hall of Fame of the Immortals of Baseball in the Matanzas province are located in the surrounding areas.

We next publish the Resolution that grants the status of National Monument to our beloved Palmar de Junco.


WHEREAS The land south-west of the city of Matanzas, bounded by the north and east by the streets of San Ignacio and Tenaza, and by the west and the south by the causeways of San Luis and Esteban, is the area occupied by the Known as Palmar de Junco, where the first ball games were held in Cuba in the last century.

WHEREAS According to tradition, it is established that around 1865, ball games are regularly practiced on the grounds of the Palmar de Junco. In 1878 is organized the first ball championship of our country in which three teams participate: Almendares, Habana and Matanzas.

WHY In 1918, when he was just 12 years old, he began practicing in the lands of El Palmar de Junco the immortal Martín Dihigo, the most complete player of all time, undisputed glory of baseball, that arose in those lands.

WHY As the Palmar de Junco is the installation for the oldest ball game in Cuba, initiator and promoter of our national sport; The National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation on the occasion of the XI Pan American Games in Cuba, has considered paying homage to the Palmar de Junco by placing in its facilities the Hall Of the Fame.

WHEREAS The National Monuments Commission, in a session held on July 8, 1991, analyzed and evaluated the above aspects at the request of the Provincial Commission of Monuments of the Province of Matanzas.

THEREFORE In use of the powers conferred on it by Article 4 (c) of Law No. 2, Law on National and Local Monuments dated August 4, 1977, the National Monuments Commission.


FIRST Declare National Monument the ball field of Palmar de Junco located in the Province of Matanzas and according to specifications of the first WHEREAS.

SECOND To repeal all the provisions that oppose this.

THIRD Orient the Provincial Commission of Monuments of Matanzas so that, in accordance with the guidelines of the National Monuments Commission, the Palmar de Junco is inscribed in the National and Local Monuments Register for its due protection.

FOURTH  Notify the Minister, Vice-Ministers and Directors of Culture, the President of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power, the Provincial Commission of Monuments, the Provincial Directorate of Culture in Matanzas, the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation And as many more natural or legal persons proceed.


Antonio Núñez Jiménez President of the National Monuments Commission
Marta Arjona Pérez Executive Secretary of the National Monuments Commission



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