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Eliminate foreign matter and improve the quality of the cane is vital

Gloria Machado León 16 enero, 2018

The producing units develop a strategy to reduce the foreign matter and improve the quality of the cane that is delivered to the plants in the 2017-2018 harvest, explained Pedro Luis Martínez Perdomo, director of Attention to Agricultural Producers (APA) in the Company Sugar Matanzas.

Although the sugar concentration in cane is above 18 percent, the cuts at ground level and the application of ripeners in early stages are some of these measures.

«It was decided to cut this way to bring the largest volume of cane to the industry and minimize the losses in the harvest so that in the case of the CASE they do not exceed two percent and that in the KTP they do not exceed six», added the manager.

«After the passage of Hurricane Irma, a considerable amount of cane was encamped and this directly affects the quality of the crop, however, the recent cold helps the concentration of sugar,» explained Martínez Perdomo.

To date, 196 thousand tons of cane have been cut, out of a plan that exceeds one million; of that figure will be transferred to Cienfuegos about 52 thousand tons.


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