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Sea and Fishing, a blue universe at your fingertips

Gloria Machado León 15 noviembre, 2017

Since October 1956, the magazine Mar y Pesca, one of the oldest in Cuba, works to raise the culture of the population around the marine world. His social commitment was consolidated at the beginning of the Triumph of the Revolution when Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz approached the team to carry out the project and asked to address in greater depth the Cuban reality about seamen.


Communicate the heritage, challenges and realities in Matanzas (+ photos)

Gloria Machado León 9 noviembre, 2017

The rescue and conservation of heritage is an issue that worries and occupies both matanceros and those who are not. To discuss and discuss the experiences and challenges of journalistic work related to the historical and cultural values ​​of the Athens of Cuba, began on Wednesday the II Media Workshop to communicate the Heritage.


The Matanzas media ahead during Hurricane Irma

Gloria Machado León 7 noviembre, 2017

The UPEC in Matanzas recognized the media professionals who participated in the coverage during the passage of Irma by the outskirts of the province. The work of the workers of the journalistic staff and the programming of the radio and television, as well as the support staff were highlighted.


Matanzas paving the way to the tenth Congress of the UPEC

Gloria Machado León 22 octubre, 2017

In a complex context, characterized, among other phenomena, by the fall of several professionals graduated from the journalism career at the University of Matanzas, the journalists of the province develop their assemblies prior to the tenth congress of the Union of Journalists of Cuba, which will be developed in 2018.


Irma and the immediacy of the media

Gloria Machado León 15 septiembre, 2017

The work of mass media professionals in the province, before, during and after the scourge of Hurricane Irma has the recognition of the Yumurina population. After the event, the president of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba and first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raul Castro Ruz, highlighted the immediacy of the media and its journalists. The six radio stations in the province of Matanzas kept the information accurate and timely during the hurricane’s scourge, even working still linked to recovery efforts in each territory.

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