Kindness as a star at the Iberostar Selection Varadero-

The human quality of men and women distinguish the daily management of the Iberostar Selection Varadero hotel, located in the preference of those who choose the main Cuban seaside resort for holidays.

The careful dedication and professionalism of those who work there determine the fulfilment of the plans of income and export of services in a group among the 30 in the country of the Tourism Union awarded with the superior category of National Vanguard, in the socialist emulation, which distinguishes optimal economic and union balances.

Manolo Vázquez, general director of the installation in mixed contract between Cubanacán and Iberostar, highlighted as one of the main attractions of the place the kindness of the employees, recognized by how much market visits them.

He highlighted the positive fact that many of the founders have remained on the staff, who are very fond of the hotel and transmit this in their performance, and in the equal treatment of national and foreign clients.

«There is no tourist service that succeeds without the kindness of the collaborators», said the Spanish businessman, to which he added that «we have an unequalled beach, the clients who come do not mention them, because although there are great beaches in Cuba and in the Caribbean, Varadero is undoubtedly one of the best», he pondered.

Carlos Miguel López Reyna, deputy general manager on the Cuban side, assured Telebandera that they are working on a plan of physical improvements to increase customer satisfaction, including the repair of some blocks, the replacement of the furniture in the lobby and the party room, to progressively improve the hotel’s standards even more.



Iberostar Selection VaraderoAmong the many acknowledgements won by this Iberostar are two recent ones such as Top Hotel Partner for 2022 operations, and it also earned the International Sustainability Certification in its Silver status, issued by EarthCheck International Company, a leading global consulting, scientific benchmarking and certification organisation for the travel and tourism industry.

The award highlights the sustainable and increasingly safe tourism management practised by the site, which previously passed a test that verified its performance in key areas such as social commitment, resource management, greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, waste and solid waste management, among other variables related to a responsible tourism stance.

Inaugurated in December 2004, the five-star hotel was the venue last year for the event Por un turismo sostenible para todas las generaciones (For sustainable tourism for all generations), which was a prelude to the FitCuba 2022 International Tourism Fair.

On that occasion, Alexei Torres Velázquez, Marketing Director at Iberostar Cuba, stated that «we cannot conceive of our work if it is not based on the practice of sustainable tourism», an expression that sums up the work of the chain, which has done remarkable work in this field.

None of these awards would have been achieved without the kindness of managers and employees, which places an extra star in the category of Iberostar Selection Varadero.

Photo taken from the hotel’s website

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñán.


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