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Oil Workers’ Day to be celebrated in Matanzas


The promotion of the fulfillment of production plans and the rendering of services, defines the activities as a greeting to the day of July 1st, Oil Workers’ Day, a sector with a wide presence in Matanzas.

Dedicated to extolling the work of men and women in such a strategic sphere, during the stage, outstanding managers and employees in the fulfillment of their tasks will be recognized, while others will be congratulated with the stimulus system and decorations of the Cuban Trade Union Confederation (CTC).

Yanlys Yanet Durán Gómez, general secretary of the Energy and Mines Union in the province, expressed the distinction made in the program for July 1st to the loyalty, dedication and disposition of the labor forces of plants, industries and entities of the sector with the people, the Revolution and the Communist Party of Cuba.

Durán Gómez expressed that the anniversary will become a motivation to encourage initiatives, beautification, creativity in each establishment, where, he said, massive blood donations should not be overlooked.

«We have many reasons to celebrate, and above all to reflect. Behind closed doors we must continue to fight for economic efficiency, savings, for fair distribution of profits, or any issue that affects the daily lives of our people.»

The 1st of July 2012 was instituted as Oil Workers’ Day, in remembrance of the fact that on that day in 1960 Esso Standard Oil was intervened, after refusing to process Soviet crude oil and closing the access road to its facilities, in clear violation of the Mining Law in force at that time.

Photo: By the author.

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñan.

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