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Center favors therapeutic education for diabetics in Cardenas (+photos).


The Center for Integral Attention to Diabetics located in Cárdenas, one of the two existing in the province of Matanzas, promotes the therapeutic education of people suffering from the disease in this region and the municipalities of Martí and Jovellanos.

The institution, the only one of its kind located in a municipality of the western territory, offers consultations with specialists in otorhinolaryngology, angiology, dermatology, podiatry, psychology, cardiology and physiatry, among others, as part of the attention aimed at improving the quality of life.

Heldys Méndez Gómez, director of the health care center, told Agencia Cubana de Noticias that the daytime service consists of outpatient admission of patients for a week, to carry out controls associated with diabetes mellitus and detect complications.

According to Denia de la Caridad Sánchez Castillo, one of the patients who has been attending the clinic since its beginnings, it is an advantage for those who live with the chronic disease to be able to receive the required attention in their own place of residence, without having to go to the polyclinics.

Sánchez Castillo said she was grateful for the attention she receives from the health team, and echoed the demands of many of the patients, who also hope to soon have access to neurology consultations.


Founded two decades ago, the Center stopped providing daytime admission and began to offer only consultations during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic; after that stage, it was reopened after a repair that had the support of the government and its workers.

Last April, the Center for Integral Attention to Diabetics in the city of Matanzas, a provincial center, reopened its doors, in line with Cuba’s efforts to deal with diabetes mellitus, one of the main causes of death in Cuba and the rest of the world.



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