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Esperanza Awards Ceremony in Perico.

In Perico  territory, the STI/HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis prevention group presented the Hope Award to promoters in the modalities of: Prevention and Solidarity.

The award ceremony was attended by members of the Municipal Directorate of Health, Hygiene and Epidemiology, as well as other sectors that integrate the Operative Group for the fight against STI/HIV/AIDS and students of the José de la Luz y Caballero High School.

«The main objective of this activity is to recognize the work of institutions, agencies, organizations and outstanding individuals in prevention activities for the community and to promote the acceptance of carriers and patients,» said Cristina Lima, the group’s educator.

In front of those present, the student Denise Estenoz declaimed the monologue entitled: Victory or Defeat, by the award-winning promoter René Castillo Álvarez.

During the awards ceremony, a minute’s silence was dedicated in honor of those who died from the epidemic.


Written by Regla Yasira de León Reyes.



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