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Tribute to Alfredo Zaldívar at the Aldabón Prize.

Surrounded by poems and young literature, the recently concluded Aldabón 2023 Award ceremony was dedicated to the writer and director of Ediciones Matanzas, Alfredo Zaldívar, during the colloquium Azares del arquero.

Writers Maylan Alvarez, Derbys Dominguez and Pablo G. Lleonart led the panel in tribute to this author, where they discussed three Zaldivarian titles, the poetry collection Concilio de Aguas, the author’s first publication; Trillo| Precipicios| Concurrencias and the collection of tenths, Malentendido (Misunderstanding).

During the event, they recognized Zaldívar’s work as a poet, intellectual and human being, especially for his support to the young writers of the province. In this regard, Zaldívar declared:


In the afternoon, the author also received the event’s Honor Prize and the La Calle de Rimbaud award, which is given to the best-selling titles in the publishing house, for his book Seboruco.

The Aldabón Prize is traditionally dedicated to people whose work or labor is intimately linked to the publishing house of the Hermanos Saíz Association in Matanzas. Alfredo Zaldívar worked as editor from 2003 to 2009 at Aldabón, being responsible for the diversification of the editorial plan and its transformation.

Written by Claudia Ortega Valido.


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