Emisora provincial de Radio de Matanzas, Cuba: «La Radio de tu Corazón»

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Culture Week has begun in Matanzas (+photos).

Inició Semana de la Cultura en Matanzas

The city of Matanzas started this Tuesday the 48th Week of Culture with several cultural and recreational activities for all ages, with special emphasis on the youngest in the house.

At the Chess Club, located in front of the park known as La Rueda, a championship of this sport was held for children between eight and 12 years old; while in the Plaza de la Vigía a martial arts demonstration was held.

The Abraham Lincoln Community Center, in collaboration with the Donaire Ballet Company, inaugurated the exhibition «Matanzas, how beautiful you are», by photographer Jesús Martínez León.

Written by Félix González Pérez.


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