22 de mayo de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

First Scientific Convention of the Provincial Hospital «Comandante Faustino Pérez» will be held».

Hospital provincial Comandante Faustino Pérez

The first Scientific Convention of the Comandante Faustino Pérez Hernández Provincial Clinical and Surgical Teaching Hospital will be held from April 25th to 27th to discuss the challenges of biomedical sciences and with the aim of achieving quality, relevant and sustainable healthcare.

Hospital provincial Comandante Faustino Pérez

En la primera Convención Científica del Hospital provincial Comandante Faustino Pérez, en Matanzas, se desarrollarán tres eventos colaterales. Foto: Chokniti Khongchum/Pexels


In the first Scientific Convention of the Comandante Faustino Pérez Pérez Provincial Hospital, in Matanzas, will include three collateral events.

Photo: Chokniti Khongchum/Pexels


Three collateral events will be held at the first Scientific Convention of the Comandante Faustino Perez Provincial Hospital in Matanzas. Photo: Chokniti Khongchum/Pexels

The event, also sponsored by the University of Medical Sciences of Matanzas and the Provincial Council of Scientific Health Societies, will bring together specialists in the medical sciences in scientific-methodological workshops, and on science, technology and innovation.

Dr. Kirenia Camacho Sosa, Head of the Teaching Department of the Faustino Pérez Hospital, explained that the first scientific-methodological workshop was held last year as part of the scientific day of this health institution in Matanzas, which served as the basis for the celebration of this important academic event.

«Three collateral events will take place in this space: the first Workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation; the first Symposium on Population Aging and Public Health: Impact on the health status of the population; and the first Workshop on Public Management and Management Science: An innovative vision in hospital services,» he said.

Camacho Sosa also pointed out that this Convention will not only be attended by professionals from the Faustino Pérez Hospital since «we will also be joined by colleagues from other institutions linked to health and medical teaching, including the University of Medical Sciences, the Pediatric Hospital, the Military Hospital, polyclinics and stomatology clinics».

The president of the Convention’s Organizing Committee also pointed out that the event will include the first graduation of the Matanzas Master’s Degree in Clinical Pharmacy, in which seven professionals from Matanzas will present their theses.

Written by Gabriel Torres Rodríguez.






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