14 de junio de 2024

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Pedro Betancourt teachers prioritize the quality of the upcoming school year (+photos and audios).

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the teaching-educational process of the upcoming school year, the Municipal Seminar on Preparation for the 2024-2025 academic year was held at the «Leonor Pérez Cabrera» polytechnic school in Pedro Betancourt.

Comisión de Trabajo de la Enseñanza Técnico-Profesional del territorio.

Work Commission of the Technical-Professional Education of the territory.


With the objective of guaranteeing the effectiveness of the teaching-educational process of the coming school period, the Municipal Seminar of Preparation for the 2024-2025 school year was held at the «Leonor Pérez Cabrera» Polytechnic School of Pedro Betancourt.

The meeting brought together teachers from different educational institutions and authorities of the sector, whose work commissions, according to Annia Serrano Méndez, Deputy Director General of Education in charge of Methodological Work and Vocational Training, dealt with topics such as the updating of the strategic project of the municipal structure, attention to rural areas, school regulations and evaluation, as well as the reorganization of the school network, among other issues.


On the other hand, Sarahi Triana Esnard, deputy general director of Education in charge of Political-Ideological and Preventive Work, stressed the need to materialize in educational centers activities, strategies and initiatives that enhance the effectiveness of political-ideological and communicational work in the face of contemporary challenges, the rescue of Cuban cultural identity and idiosyncrasy and, mainly, the comprehensive training of teachers and students in the locality.


The Seminar constituted a valuable space to promote the exchange of experiences among its participants in order to improve the quality of the teaching and learning process in the town.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.



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